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About Cloth Diaper – The 4 Most Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of fabric diapers?

Less garbage

A frequent reason for the use of fabric overnight diapers is the desire for waste prevention. This is not surprising given the fact that around 8 million diapers per day land in Germany.

Cost savings


Every family who has one or more babies has an average per child of 800-1000 euros for diapers, which are simply discarded after use. The one-time acquisition costs for fabric diapers are quite high in comparison, but a saving of approx. 30 to 50 percent over the entire winding period can be expected.

You can find a detailed overview of how the cost of diapers and how much you can save when wrapping with fabric winds can be found here.

Things You Should Know About the Best Golf Rangefinder

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