Facts About Plumbers That Will Make You Think Twice

The word plumber has roots dating back to ancient Rome. The first flushing toilet was invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1770. This toilet was positioned near his drinking water well, which meant he often dealt with sewage. Eventually, scientists connected sewage to disease. Since then, plumbers have dealt with dirty water and sewage.

The job of a plumber is extremely dangerous. Even simple plumbing tasks can expose plumbers to high pressure. A burst pipe can create up to 100 pounds of pressure. A plumber must use great caution to protect their property from this dangerous situation. Plumbing professionals must be trained in the proper safety procedures.

The United States uses nearly 4 trillion gallons of water per month. That’s enough to wash a lot of stuff. If you think that plumbing is just about pipes and drains, you need to know that plumbing is much more than that. There are some surprising facts about plumbers that may surprise you.

Albert Einstein was an honorary member of the Plumbers and Steamfitters Union. Despite his fame and success, he still preferred the work of a plumber to the work of a surgeon. Likewise, Ozzy Osbourne dropped out of school to work as a plumber before launching his music career. Many other famous people have worked as a plumber before becoming a celebrity. Some of them include: Albert Einstein, Michael Caine, and Bob Hoskins.