Facts That Nobody Told You About Plumber

Despite its infamous reputation, plumbers aren’t a bad guy. They actually love to travel to far-off lands to fix your toilets. Apparently, they even play pipe! They don’t bite their nails. And, they don’t work on Sundays! But, they do have a few things that nobody told you about them. For example, a normal light bulb installation requires at least three plumbers: the main plumber, his helper, and his electrician buddy.

Most plumbers are happy with their jobs, but there are always challenges. While it’s easy to get bored with plumbing, many plumbers actually find the job to be quite rewarding. They enjoy solving problems and helping people, not to mention that they enjoy working with their hands and minds. As a result, plumbers are always challenged and learning new skills.

One fact that plumbers don’t tell you about their jobs is that they should always wear protective gear whenever they touch human waste. In fact, plumbers have never been known to contract illness after touching sewage, but this doesn’t mean they don’t take precautions. But, there are some plumbers who rely on luck and common sense rather than safety gear, and they reach into toilets with open sores on their hands.

One thing you may not know about plumbers is that the term plumber comes from the Latin word plumbum, meaning “plumber”. This word was first used in the 16th century by Benjamin Franklin, who had a privy pit near his drinking water well. This connection between plumbing and health led scientists to discover the connection between water pollution and disease.