How To Choose The Best Camping Hammock 2017

To get the ideal camping hammock for your needs, you need to spare time to know differences between types of camping hammocks in the market today. Certainly, every type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Either is suitable for every condition. However, most camping hammocks are preferable options in warm seasons and for hiking trips that require you have a lightweight backpack and move quickly.

Nowadays, you can be overwhelmed when looking through multiple options in the market. Below is basic information such as useful features and prices so that you can focus on practical requirements of the camping hammocks. Thus, if you want to choose the best camping hammock for the next trip, read more to learn simple steps to buying a good one.


Notify that, you should buy what you need instead of what looks beautiful or has the lowest cost.


You can consider one of three different hammocks today in the market. They are varied because of the special usage.

Parachute nylon hammocks

They are quite stable and resistant. Their stretch helps the user to lie comfortably and become the ideal options for people who want to sleep on them in continuous nights. You can choose a single design or a double one for two users.

Ultra light hammocks

They are made of light materials so you can easily store them away or bring them to travel with you. They are ideal equipment when you require lightweight backpack and move in fast hiking trips. However, because of the lightweight materials, they also provide the less comfort than other types.

Expedition hammocks

Their materials are high-quality and expensive to support the maximum secure in the backpacking outings. They generally consist of some accessories such as the additional guy-lines, a mosquito, and rainfly net.


Most hammocks on the recent market today are made of cotton materials or nylon materials.

Cotton hammocks

Because of the weave, their appearance looks more beautiful and attractive than other types. However, they are bulky, heavy, and easy to absorb water. In rainy days, they offer bad effects since they’re hard to dry completely.

Nylon hammocks

This is the ideal equipment for camping trips. Their great features are lightweight, water resistant, and less bulky so you can gain that good protection, especially in bad conditions.


You can consider the width and length factors depending on your own tastes.

– If you use it for your own, a too broad hammock can wrap around the body further and you may feel uncomfortable.

– If the user is a tall person, he should choose a design of 8-feet length or over than that.


It’s necessary to consider the user’s weight to choose the hammock’s weight capacity. For the heavy and tall person, you should think of larger designs or double sizes when you intend to use it with partners or friends.

Using the hammock including the optional maximum capacity can decrease the product’s duration and the potential danger during camping trips.

Suspension system

You need to consider various suspension settings available in the hammocks and remember to check them before paying since some designs may not include this feature. They are usually minimized to a mixture of carabiners and straps. You can gain a lot of benefits of them when traveling in the mountains so you should check carefully before starting a trip.

Generally, the longer straps with more installing points provide the better flexibility for you to set the hammock around different trees.

It’s necessary that you use tree-friendly straps, broad, flat and their materials are polyesters.


Many hammocks made of breathable nylon materials can keep the user cool in hot weathers. However, when you travel in cold seasons, you’ll require the insulation feature. Add some accessories into your hammock, such as top quilts, sleeping pads, or under quilts. Check the weather broadcast before buying this equipment.


You can consider two popular handy accessories of the hammock below.

  • Integrated mosquito net: It’s certainly necessary to bring for traveling in buggy situations.
  • Rainfly: If you intend to use it in rainy and wet conditions, you should bring a rainfly with your hammock. A slightly larger option that is able to be installed on the land will keep the user dry when it’s raining.

If you plan on using a camping hammock, you should choose a lightweight and portable option for the best enjoyable and comfortable nights. Check all your requirements before paying to ensure that you get what you want instead of the most beautiful or cheapest one.