How to operate Deeper Smart Sonar Pro plus and take advantages of the great features

The smart sonar device is a perfect fish finder to upgrade your water research. Whether your hunting locations are whereabouts or the spots and areas in your plan to do bait, the unit is very useful for casting, scanning the water structure, and locating the target fish. If they aren’t your most important points of your fishing, then you can get more benefits easily from this device.

Try to use the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro Plus, the latest design in the deeper fishing finder series. The advanced fishing technique will remove your worry about locating target fish with the accurate echo sounder. You’ll receive all detailed data on your tablet or Smartphone. That method sounds like so complicated to achieve, but you can get benefits easily with the guide below.

The guide to operating your Deeper Smart Sonar Pro Plus and the Deeper App

Although the deeper device is jam connected with the smart sonar, it’s really easy to install and use. Honestly, the user guide will show you all about operating in simply four easy steps.

  • Firstly, you need to charge the unit
  • Secondly, download the deeper app into your tablet or Smartphone
  • After you have the app on screen, tie the device into the fishing line
  • Before casting a rod, you should address a fishing situation. As soon as you throw it into the water, the deeper unit will link with the app and start relaying clear sonar information.
  • When fish appear and are active, you need to hold back with the marker rod casting. Honestly, the deeper device is quite guileful in the water if you reel the small black sphere in a very small diameter of few inches gently and slowly across the surface.
  • Never disturb the lake bed during that time. Thus, the gadget becomes ideal in weedy conditions when you can find the place the weed is, even if there isn’t a marker float before dragging weed back.

The required gear

The deeper device weighs only 100 grams so the average carp rod is sufficient. Thus, no special gear is required. It also comes with attachment bolts, a USB charging cable, and a protective neoprene case.

The Deeper App and features

The deeper app is thought out and functional. There are a lot of helpful features and all of them are simple to use. When you run the app and cast out the device, you’ll see a clear screen showing the lakebed topography, the water temperature, and depth. When you draw the device back toward the shore, the data on the screen is immediately updated. If it passes over any object or target fish, you’ll see all things on the display too.

However, you can also get more benefits from features than that. Record the information, history and calendar tabs, and the weather details. You can operate the camera of your tablet or Smartphone through the app to public the pictures such as the great fish to social networks.

Despite the small size, the deeper device will read the depths from 1.5 ft to 260 ft.

The unit creates an internal Wi-Fi signal which helps you connect the smart device. Thus, you can find and access the deeper when your tablet or phone is connecting with the Wi-Fi setting. The Wi-Fi connection ensures the distance from your phone to the device up to 110 yds. At that distance or even farther, it can hold a power sonar capacity of functioning in the depths of 1.5 ft to 260ft, although the size is quite small. Being a serious angler, you need to this feature to catch better target fish and enjoy more exciting fishing trip than ever.

I can take all the advantages of the deeper device. Everything you should have stays in the box, such as a protective neoprene case, a USB charging cable, and two attachment bolts. You also need useful accessories including a flexible arm and bright night covers. They are available in the market and helpful to anglers who want to attach the deeper device to the boat. Finally, remember the best important feature of the unit is creating bathymetric maps while fishing onshore. Use it on your next fishing trip!