The Youth Baseball Bat Buying Guide For Parents

If your child starts playing baseball, the bat is essential equipment for his playing skill and winning the game. Today, you can find various features of the right youth baseball bat, such as materials, length, weight, and more. Then, how do you choose the good product for children?

To choose the best youth baseball bats, you need to know about their playing levels and the rules of the leagues. Below are the main things to consider before you buy one.

The legal bat

Basing on the game your children will take part in; there are different rules about the bat standard.

Firstly, you may stick the official supplier logo on the bat since it will show all the approved measurements about the knob, barrel size, material, weight, and length. You can ask the child’s coach or see the league rule before buying a new bat to ensure it can be used in the game. Remember that you also need to notify the rules for every age group since there are differences about the legal bats for different ages.

The internationally authorized certificate 1.15 BPF is labeled on the best quality youth bats. Thus, if you want to surely choose the high-quality product, just notify this mark on bats in the market today.

The wood bat vs. metal bat

Many children prefer the metal bats due to the light weight, ease of swing, durability, and power. Some players often use wood types for training and metal ones for playing in the game. However, because of the powerful metal bats, there is the debate of experts about removing this design in youth baseball leagues. Thus, you should consider this issue when shopping bats for your children.

The length

To choose the right bat size, you should take measurements such as the weight, height, and age of the child. Then, you can compare to the size chart when shopping. That also depends on the user’s playing level, so you can adjust the size a little different length for the perfect bat.

It’s better to choose the longer bat to maximize the hitting skills and changes as well as increase the control and strength.

The barrel

This is the hitting spot of a baseball bat and its highlight is supporting the easier hitting chances. The larger barrel is suitable for children who can swing powerful, quickly and require the hitting assistant. The smaller one is for those who have the great hitting skill and need to increase the powerful and speedy of swing.

The weight

This feature affects the swing speed and hitting power. The heavier bat increases the powerful hitting and makes the ball fly farther. If your kid can swing it easily, he can get all benefits of this bat. However, if he’s not strong enough, it will decrease the power and make the swing slower.

The grip and handle

The bat narrows gradually from the barrel top to the handle bottom. So how do you choose the bat handle and grip?

  • The thicker handle increases the stability and decreases the mishit shock.
  • The thinner handle raises the speed of hand movements.
  • The bat with the knob at the end is recommended in some youth leagues since it prevents the rates of slipping out of hands when doing the difficult swing. You can consider this note to keep the child safe in playing baseball.

The drop

This is the rate between the weight and length. The lighter bats have the higher drops. For right youth bats, you should notify the drop between -7 and -13.5 numbers.

The one piece bat vs. two piece bat

You can choose either a single design or two piece design when buying Composite and Modern Aluminum bats.

  • The single piece provides the typical feel when you hit the ball. Your hands will feel more shaking and response feel.
  • The two-piece includes the handle and barrel created separately and joined into the bat later. The link can be glue, tape, rubber to decrease the shaking of hands.

The warranty

Many brands offer the 1-year warranty since the producing date of the bat. When you send for repair, it’s necessary to attach the purchase proof.

Follow the instruction above to buy the right baseball bats for your children. Remember that, the heavier bats with thinner handles and smaller barrels are suitable for better and stronger children. The new players and intermediates should use lighter bats with thicker handles and larger barrels.